The family tree of the Malchert brothers


s. Deutsches Familienarchiv Band 62


Very prevalent in this family tree are the families of craftsmen whose trades were passed on from generation to generation. Among others can be found the following trades: coopers, butchers, spinners, gardeners, taylors, “spice-makers“, hat-makers, furriers, coppersmiths, linen weavers, oil millers, strappers, ropemakers, shoemakers, joiners, cloth merchants, bakers, clock makers, wine-growers, tilers, carpenters. Many of the ancestors were master craftsmen and enjoyed a high reputation in the areas in which they lived.

An interesting line in this family tree is the family of the coppersmith Vincenz Jury. The descendants of Vincenz Jury made the four-horsed chariot on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (designed by Shadow), as well as many well-known sculptures in Potsdam such as those on the New Palace (das Neue Palais) and the Orphanage (das Waisenhaus) .

The starting point of this family tree is the family of the master clock-maker Georg Malchert and his wife Hedwig née Müller, from Quedlinburg in the Harz mountains, whose sons Kurt (*20.9.1921)  and Georg (*28.7.1924) also became craftsmen. Kurt Malchert learned the trade of cabinet-maker and is now the owner of the Hercynia factory in Hambühren which makes folding doors.

Georg Malchert became a master clock maker and took over his father‘s business in Quedlinburg in the Harz Mountains on 1.1.1956.
There is quite a lot of information about the rare name Malchert. Relevant literature describes the name as the derivation of Melchior. However records in two completely separate lines of the Malcherts claim that the name was derived from Malachewski. A third version is based on a picture by Dürer, which suggests that the name is derived from the profession of hat-maker.

If one researches the origins of the Malcherts of today, two places turn up again and again: Schwedt on the Oder and Trebblin. The Schwedt Malcherts were settled in the neighbouring Friedrichsthal in 1753 by Frederick the Great after the first settlers of 1751 had left the inhospitable area around the Oder. These Malcherts are said to have come from Alt-Lietzgöricke, in the area around the east of the Oder.

The Trebblin Malcherts probably also originate from this area, although no proof has yet been found.

Connections with similar names such as Malchow, Malcher etc, clearly do not exist.

The descendants of Kurt Malchert
Kurt Malchert
Tischler, Kaufmann u. Fabrikant
• Angelika Malchert
   med. tech. Assistentin
• Karin Malchert-v.Hößlin geb. Malchert
   * Tanja v. Hößlin
   * Sebastian v. Hößlin
• Wolfgang Malchert
   Tischler u. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing.(FH)
   * Sven Malchert
   * Jan Malchert

The descendants of Georg Malchert
Georg Malchert
• Axel Malchert
   Dipl.Ing.(FH) Landsch.Gestltg.
   u. Kaufmann
   * Benjamin Malchert, Goldschmied
     in Glashütte
     ** Selina, Lenny, Thalia, Mika, Lian
   * Daniel Malchert
     Uhrmachermeister in Quedlinburg
     ** Stella, Eric